DP Ticket Revalidation


The Nautical Institute has postponed the re-validation of DP Operator certificates to January 2015. In order to revalidate your DP Certificate you must have over a 150 days of DP sea time within the last 5 years.

The Re-validation will be phased as follows-
2015 – Revalidation of Certificates issued from 1984 to 2002, 2009 and 2010
2016 – from 2003 to 2004 and 2011
2017 – 2005 to 2006 and 2012
2018 – 2007 – 2008 and 2013
2019 – certificates issued in 2013 and onwards.

The qualifying 150 days must be logged in your NI or IMCA logbook. A company confirmation letter will be required for time logged from 1st January 2014.

a. If more than 150 days DP sea service is done within a period of 5 yrs, then the person needs to re-send the documents to the NI to replace the Certificate with a new validity date.

b. If the DPO has less than 150 days of DP sea service within 5 years, then the person needs to do an advanced course and a minimum of 30 days DP sea service.

c. If no DP sea service is obtained within the period of the last 5 years. The the person would have to undertake an advanced course and do a minimum of 60 days DP sea time on a DP vessel to have his/her licence re-validated.

d. If the DP professional has been engaged in an occupation the NI considers being equivalent to the sea service (DP lecturer/instructor, DP Surveyor, DP Consultant, Auditor, Superintendent, Supervisor), it will be required for the re-validation of his/her DP certificate a minimum of 150 days in the activity claimed of the preceding 5 years.

e. A person can apply with a mix of experience.


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